This is how you order a DOCKR


1. Select

Choose the DOCKR that will solve your logistics challenge.

2. Deliver

Make your choice today, and we will deliver your DOCKR.

3. Drive

Immediate and carefree access to transport, and our breakdown service ensures you’ll never stand still for long.
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Carefree access to transport

If you choose DOCKR, there’s really hardly anything for you to worry about. Most of what you need has already been arranged. And that includes repairs, replacement vehicles, insurance, maintenance and a nice, flexible subscription.

Preventive maintenance and insurance

We will drop by periodically for preventive maintenance. Your DOCKR subscription comes with insurance by default.

Roadside assistance and repairs

Do you have a breakdown or a repair request? We are here to help you. We carry out repairs at your storage facility. If we cannot repair the vehicle within two working days, we will arrange for a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

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Monthly subscription

With a flexible subscription from DOCKR, you can choose the mobility solution that suits you, without having to make a significant investment up front. You can opt for a monthly subscription, or choose the extra discounts of an annual subscription.

Scaling up, scaling down and switching

Is business picking up? Then you simply add another bike to your subscription. And you can even switch to one of our electric cars if you prefer.

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Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas
Kies de DOCKR die bij jou pas


Tailored to your preferences

No matter what you need, DOCKR will customise the interior just the way you want it. Would you like to transport wine bottles safely, in addition to meal deliveries? Or would you like a compartment that fits your tools exactly? Using special foam, we will create an insert just for you. Watch this video to see how other entrepreneurs went about it.


DOCKR introduces a unique foam box solution made of impact-reducing material. This allows delivery drivers to manoeuvre safely through the city centre.

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Even smarter process

For many entrepreneurs, it is quite a challenge to redesign their logistics process. Especially if you choose a faster, more sustainable and more flexible solution than pollution-spewing cars or delivery vans. And then you also have to decide which vehicle works best for you. That can be difficult, and we understand that!

Fortunately, here at DOCKR, we have helped many entrepreneurs make this change. Tell us how your logistics process works and we will help you choose the perfect vehicle for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes DOCKR unique?

    DOCKR makes it possible to serve downtown areas with quick, affordable and clean transport, providing a wide range of electric vehicles and flexible contracts that can be cancelled monthly.

  • What are the benefits of a DOCKR subscription?

    You won’t have to make any major investments to buy an electric vehicle. Annual depreciation of your transport assets won’t be a problem either. Maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance are standard in a DOCKR subscription. We offer flexible contracts that can be cancelled monthly. Our subscription fees are often the lowest in the market. If another DOCKR suits your needs better, you can easily switch vehicles. We’ll just adjust your subscription accordingly.

  • What should I do in case of theft?

    Is there a theft incident? How annoying! Report your theft here and we will help you further!

  • How far can I travel on a DOCKR?

    That depends on the type of vehicle and whether you are using one or two batteries. The transport weight and the level of pedal assistance also play a role. On average, DOCKRs can travel 40 to 80 kilometres per full charge.

  • How much does the stickering for my DOCKR cost?


    That depends on the type of vehicle and what kind of stickering you want to have. On average, stickering costs between €250 and €350 excluding VAT.